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The aim of Buga Electricity is to provide 3 to 5 million people in the Kachin area with a native Hydro Power distribution system that can be enjoyed by the people of the region. 

Buga Electricity seeks to do its part in creating a modern nation through the distribution of reliable power at a fair price and in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Buga Electricity is committed to preserving the beautiful native forests and conserving the natural resources in the region. Renewable and clean energy is the best way to keep trees, the native fauna and the regions natural beauty.

Along with saving the environment, Buga Electricity seeks to provide power in the most efficient way possible to both residential and business consumers. We recognize the vital and central role Buga Electricity plays in the daily lives of the people we service.

We believe that supply clean, affordable energy is key to reducing poverty, assisting educational institutions in training our young people and supporting micro industries like jade cutting.

Our customers are found in every area of society – education, technology, the auto industry, the food industry, and both light and heavy industry.

Our aim is to create a brighter future for every citizen in our region.